2017 Ladies Night May 2 - July 11

Scramble – Played with your 4 person team. Each player tees off on each hole, the best of the tee shots is chosen and all players hit their second shot from there. The best of the second shots is chosen and all players hit their third shot from there and that continues until the ball is holed.

2 person best ball – Two teams are put together, they will split up and pair off forming a new group of 4 golfers. Each player will play her own ball and record a score, the lower of the two scores will be that teams score for that hole.  There is no penalty for failing to complete a hole.

Pink Lady - This game has 4 players. A ball is designated at the beginning of the round to be the “Pink Lady” (the ball does not actually have to be pink). That ball rotates among players. For example, Player A uses it on the first hole, B on the second, C on the third, D on the fourth, then back to A on the fifth and so on. In this game, two scores per hole are added together for the team score. Here's the catch: One of those two scores must be from the player with the Pink Lady. So, on each hole the team score will be the score of the player with the designated ball, plus the lowest score of the other three players on the team.